Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fossils from the Campaign Trail

Is Governor Martin O’Malley taking political cues from…Eric Wargotz?

That’s the way it seems to me, based on his recent comments to a group of Utah Democrats.

The Washington Post reported that O’Malley, appearing in his capacity as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, warned of the rise of the “dinosaur wing” of the GOP. “We cannot allow partisan-osaurus to take over the Republican Party or the future of this country,” he stated.

To illustrate his point, O’Malley had with him a prop depicting House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s head on a body of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Given Cantor’s speed, resourcefulness, and cunning, I think a Velociraptor comparison might have worked better, but I digress.

In any event, it reminded me of this ad which 2010 GOP Maryland senatorial nominee Dr. Eric Wargotz  ran in his unsuccessful bid against Senator Barbara Mikulski.

The ad depicts Dr. Wargotz hunting for a “Political Insidersaurus” near the U. S. Capitol. Depicted in the ad are Senators Babsosaurus and Harry Reidosaurus, with a Pelosidactyl flying by in the background.

I thought the ad was silly when I first saw it. But it generated a bit of buzz among political observers and non-politicos at the time. Now I think it may be one of the reasons Dr. Wargotz, who unveiled the ad just before the primary election, captured the GOP nomination. In any event, it was the high point of the campaign for the phone-friendly pathologist, who lost to Mikulski by a margin of 61 – 36 percent.

Now, I am wondering if the person writing O’Malley’s stump speech saw an opportunity to dig up an old bone from a past campaign.

I must say, I find this idea of a political Jurassic Park springing up on the other side of the Baltimore Washington Parkway to be somewhat tiresome. Enough of these dinosaur analogies, guys.

They're beyond extinct.

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