Monday, July 11, 2011

Mooney Wades Into the Baltimore County Chairman's Race

Tonight is the vote for the new chairman of the Baltimore County GOP. Right now, the candidates are businessman Steve Kolbe and veteran party activist Al Mendelsohn.
As the hours count down to the vote, it seems that there is a bit of last minute intrigue at work.
I have heard from more than one member of the Baltimore County Central Committee that Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney has interjected himself in the race. He is said to have been calling Central Committee members to express his support for one of the candidates. Additionally, he sent an email out to the Central Committee members in which he makes his candidate preference clear, albeit not issuing an outright endorsement per se.
Mooney’s interjection into the race seems fraught with hazard for several reasons.
First, if Mooney’s anointed candidate loses, what kind of a statement does this make about his clout within the party?
Second, if Mooney’s preference loses, how will his working relationship with the candidate who won despite his efforts suffer?
Third, what kind of precedent does it set for the state chairman to be tampering with local party matters?
It should also be noted that opponents of former Baltimore County Chairman Tony Campbell did not appeal to the party’s state leaders for support in their coup plotting efforts.  It therefore makes little sense for the state chairman to be trying to guide events now.
Anyway, I’m working on getting a copy of Mooney’s email, which I will post should my efforts prove  successful.

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