Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mooney's Missive

Following up on my blog posting yesterday, here is the letter Chairman Mooney sent the members of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee in support of, but not expressly in endorsement of, one of the candidates in the recent election for Baltimore County GOP Chairman.
In last night's vote, Steve Kolbe was elected chairman by a 18 -10 vote (later made unanimous).
From: Alex Mooney
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 11:00 AM
To: Alex Campaign Mooney
Subject: personal letter from Alex Mooney
From the personal desk of
Dear Members of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee:
As MDGOP Chairman I am not going to officially endorse any candidate to become the new chairman of the Baltimore County Central Committee.  Instead, I wish to say a few words about my personal friend, Al Mendelsohn, who seconded my nomination to become MDGOP chairman.
I’ve known Al Mendelsohn since 1999 when I was teaching a class on running for office and Al was doing direct mail fundraising for the Leadership Institute.  I have always found him to be an insightful political strategist, a good business person, a hard worker and a loyal friend.  We are all volunteers and I know Al to be fully dedicated to the advancement of the Republican Party.
Thank you for your past support and I look forward to working with all members of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee to defeat Democrats in upcoming elections.

Alex Mooney

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