Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vaya Con Dios, Vozzella

Laura Vozzella, the Baltimore Sun’s resident snarky columnist, is leaving the newspaper effective tomorrow.  She’s going to Richmond, VA, where she'll cover Virginia politics for the Washington Post.
The epicenter of this week’s surprise earthquake happened to be near Richmond, by the way. I hope this isn’t any sort of an omen for Laura. But I digress.
Anyway, I met Laura back when I worked for Bob Ehrlich in Annapolis. She mentioned Precious the Skateboard Dog in a column, and I responded with an email rant similar to this past blog posting.  Since then, I have really enjoyed getting to know her.  We have similar senses of humor, so there was a natural synergy between us – the kind found among contrarian wiseacres. 
Had we been elementary school classmates, I could see the two of us being frequent partners in trouble, taking many walks to the principal’s office together.  After all, some of her column reports and most of my blog entries strike me as being karmic spitballs. But again, I digress.
Anyway, in her final column for the Sun, she was nice enough to give me a shout out. (To her point, I have met people in government and political circles with what I consider a good sense of humor. But many more government types are better categorized as, well, "funny" - and usually in an unintentional way).

I’m very sad to see her go, but I am happy to see her take this next step in her career. And, I promise to do my best to fill in the snark deficiency which her departure will inevitably bring.
You know, a lot of people over the years have speculated if I have been leaking choice, sometimes embarrassing, bits of political intel to her, especially pertaining to some of my old political confederates. Others have outright accused me of doing it.
To them I say, “Who…me?”

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  1. It's bittersweet to see Baltimore lose Laura. She was truly great. However, given the tenuous employment at basically any Tribune Company, it's nice to hear she landed somewhere safe. Plus, now she can see how a real Governor gets things done.