Monday, September 26, 2011

The "Dialin' Doc" Returns...Sorta

So, it looks like Eric “The Dialin’ Doc” Wargotz is running for U. S. Senate next year.

Well, kind of...maybe.

That’s what I took away from the statement which he posted on Facebook Sunday afternoon amid a busy day of football.

When I first started reading it, it seemed like a declaration of candidacy. Then I reached this part:

"My core campaign team and I have been carefully evaluating whether to formally enter (sic) the 2012 election cycle. As I continue to travel around the great State of Maryland and to reach out across this great Nation trying to gauge potential support for another run, I am encouraged! We are not there yet."

The pathologist turn pol goes onto explain: “I cannot and you would not want me to make such a commitment to enter the 2012 U.S. Senate race, blindly. That is why I call on you now to do what you have done before and that is to support me as you did in 2010."

So this is a quid pro quo announcement. Start giving me money, then I will run.

Wargotz is like the swimmer who dips his big toe in the pool before deciding to take the plunge. Or perhaps he is Peter Pan exhorting the audience to cheer for Tinkerbell before his candidacy can roar back to life.

All kidding aside, I think Dr. Wargotz is a good guy (working for him helped me understand what Lady Gaga was singing about in “Telephone,” but I digress) and definitely the kind of moderate, serious Republican the party should be nominating for statewide office.

I’m just not sure how valuable a commodity the GOP nomination for United States Senate will be in Maryland in 2012.

Additionally, I was interested in Wargotz’s reference to his “core campaign team.” I know several people (personally or through Facebook) who worked for him last time. To my knowledge, none of them is part of this “core” group to which he refers.

To this new group I extend best wishes and a bit of advice: Make sure your cellular plan calls for unlimited minutes. You’ll need every one of ‘em.


  1. Apparently, the Doctor is NOT in...

  2. Cross:

    Funny read. Wargotz is a joke in everybody's mind but his own. Why is he even running as a Republican? Oh, that's right...because the Democrats won't have him. How could someone who spent $600,000 of his own cash on a Senate bid in which he got creamed want to do it again? Clueless goofball.