Friday, November 4, 2011

The "Dialin’ Doc" Departs

Dr. Eric Wargotz, the pathologist who was the GOP’s 2010 nominee for U. S. Senate in Maryland, has decided not to run again in 2012.
On occasion I have enjoyed poking fun at the man I’ve dubbed “The Dialin’ Doc” due to his telephone-friendly management style. But I’m not going to mock his decision to pass on a follow-up challenge to Senator Ben Cardin.
Dr. Wargotz spent nearly $1 million, including $700,000 of his own money, during his challenge to Senator Barbara Mikulski, only to lose by 26 points.
And, I just don’t see the opportunity here that some Republicans claim to see.
Recent polls have indicated that Senator Cardin is a strong if not certain favorite for reelection. Indeed, as a recent Gonzales Research poll found, “Over a third of GOP voters say they would consider voting for Cardin…not the result a Republican hopeful for the office wants to see.”
I wish Dr. Wargotz the best as he contemplates the future. Still, I’m disappointed by today’s news. Who knows if I will ever again have the chance to use the phrase “The Dialin’ Doc” on my blog again?

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