Tuesday, December 13, 2011

But Why Didn't He Call Her on the T-T-Telephone?

Wow, times really have changed in Annapolis.
Now, the policy seems to be one of constructive engagement.
I was amused to read that Governor O’Malley invited the talented and iconic Lady GaGa to dinner via Twitter in acknowledgement of her work against bullying. No word on whether The Lady has yet responded.
Anytime pop culture and politics – particularly Maryland politics – intersect, I’m there. Throw in my favorite performer (Felicite and I saw her in concert in 2010...in Oklahoma, of all places) and I’m all in.

Why did O’Malley reach out to GaGa? Perhaps he’s planning some legislative push on bullying and hopes to attract her support and star power to Maryland down the road. Perhaps he wants to make a powerful friend in advance of a future national campaign.
Or maybe members of his communications staff conceived it as a means of generating some buzz during the pre-holiday news slowdown.

I don't agree with Governor O'Malley on everything. But I do approve of his GaGa outreach policy and hope more elected officials will follow suit.
So, will we see GaGa in Maryland? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.
After all, she’s getting ready to embark on a tour in 2012, and has been known to wade into the policy arena from time to time on matters close to her heart.  And, gay marriage – her signature cause celebre – is likely to dominate the legislative agenda in Maryland next year.
When the Britney Spears episode happened, I offered myself up as a possible intermediary. Being a Spears fan (Katie and I saw her in concert at LA's Staples Center in 2002) and Ehrlich’s speechwriter, I figured I was uniquely positioned to promote healing between the two camps.
Should GaGa make it to Maryland, I again offer my services. If you guys need someone to give the event a bipartisan bent, keep me in mind.
I won’t tell Kendel Ehrlich if you don’t.

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