Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ron Smith: RIP

I have blogged about Ron Smith and his recent health struggles twice before. So I have pretty much expressed all my sentiments on that subject and have little to add in light of the news that he has passed.
But I did think of one more observation.
If you’re lucky in life, you meet a lot of people who play a role in educating you on how to live. But dying is something most of us have to figure out on our own.
Many people have taught me various aspects of living during my life. But Ron Smith is the person who showed me how someone should die – with honor, candor, and uncompromising honesty.
In other words, Ron died the way he lived.
My thoughts go out to June, the Smith family, and the extended WBAL family.


  1. Never had the honor of knowing him personally, but he was the person on radio I genuinely looked forward to listening to every day. I would often time my commute around when he would be on, hoping I would hit the Tunnel during a commercial break...

  2. Wonderful Words RJC...and awesome lessons learned.