Friday, January 6, 2012

"Bob Ehrlich for VP"

As I was traveling over New Year's weekend and hit the ground running upon my return to work, I’m still catching up on some of the local news clips that appeared during the past week or so.
So only today did I happen upon this editorial from this December 29th edition of the Star Democrat entitled, “Bob Ehrlich for VP.”
Sounds like a great idea to me. Which local company wants to hire him?
Seriously, the editorial pitches a fantastical scenario for Ehrlich’s phoenix-like return to politics – this time, on the national level.
“It would be pretty late in the game for Ehrlich to jump in as a presidential candidate. But vice president is not a completely far-fetched notion for the former governor,” the unnamed editorialist reasons. “(H)e is good on camera and in person. He knows how to work a crowd and appears very genuine as he shakes small-town hands on the campaign trail.”
The article also points to an apparent secret weapon at Ehrlich’s disposal: A certain MSNBC political analyst.
“Ehrlich's former lieutenant governor, Michael Steele, served two years as the chairman of the Republican National Committee,” the writer argues. “So Ehrlich's got that going for him, too, maybe.”
Uh huh.
The editorialist blithely continues, “Ehrlich seems relatively free of skeletons in the closet, but he would have a lot to answer for regarding his former campaign manager's recent conviction for fraudulent election night robocalls in 2010.”
Well, yeah…there is that. I’m guessing the results of the 2006 and 2010 elections might require some explanation, too.
Further, Ehrlich's comments to the newspaper indicated no burning desire to serve.

When asked about his plans, he responded solipsistically, “I would like my opinions heard and articulated and consumed nationally."  
As rhetoric goes, Reagan's "shining city on the hill," it ain't.

Denials notwithstanding, it seems to me Ehrlich was far more quotable, and far more effective, when he had a competent communications staff - including a speechwriter - supporting him.  

But I digress.

All kidding aside, Ehrlich has closed the door on his electoral career, and I take him at his word.  For the Star Democrat to suggest otherwise reeks of silliness.
Either they recycled a piece from 2003, or are now in direct competition with The Onion.

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