Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ehrlich's Attack Eulogies: A Few More Possibilities

In a previous blog posting, I pointed out Bob Ehrlich’s penchant for criticizing the recently deceased while in the midst of eulogizing them.

Anyway, one of my friends got such a kick out of this that we speculated as to what Bob Ehrlich might say about various figures from history should he apply this same attack eulogy approach when discussing them.


Ronald Reagan:     “He was a lousy actor, but he was a president’s president.”

John F. Kennedy:  “He may not have taken his marital vows seriously, but he took his inaugural oath very seriously.”

Abraham Lincoln:  “He was a homely man with a crazy wife, but he freed the slaves.”

John Wayne:          “His real name was Marion. Did you know that?”

Winston Churchill: “He was a drunk with a speech impediment, but he was my hero.”

Sonny Bono:          “He wasn’t an intellectual, but he was street smart.” (Actually, he really did say that one). 

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