Thursday, January 5, 2012

National Committeewoman Joyce Tehres: OUT

I have been alerted to the fact that members of the State GOP Central Committee are in the process of receiving letters from Republican National Committeewoman Joyce Lyons Tehres informing them of her decision to step down from her current position when her term ends in August.

The departure of Tehres, a former state party chair who has been a fixture in state politics for decades, raises the question of who will take her place.

In the past the position has typically been occupied by grand dames such as Helen Chamberlain, Helen Bentley, and Ellen Sauerbrey. Its responsibilities have included traveling around the state attending local party events and representing the MD GOP at RNC events and conferences.

Given the challenges the state GOP is facing, I hope that whoever the party selects next will take the national committeewoman position beyond its present emeritus role and into more dynamic territory.

The national committeewoman slot can be so much more than a thank you prize bestowed upon party elders. The right person in the job could help the party meet its responsibilities in the areas of fundraising, messaging, and candidate recruitment.

Members of the State GOP Central Committee will now have at least one, and likely two, of the party's senior offices to fill in the coming months. For the party's sake, I hope they make the right choices.

I'm sure a lot of people will want the job. The challenge is finding someone who wants to do something with it.


  1. Are we thinking NA?

  2. Addie, Audrey, Ellen, Nancy. Four names, in alphabetical order, that come quickly to mind. Each has accomplishments that easily qualify them. Who else?

  3. Bruce - All old...I would go with Nicolee Ambrose.

  4. Bruce: Yes, they all have accomplishments, which kind of underscores the point I made in my blog entry. I'm less interested in what someone did in the past than what they can do now. I guess I'm looking for someone who has an agenda as well as resume.

    Don't know Addy, Ellen had the job once before, and Nancy is running for Congress. As for Audrey, I respect her recent work during her brief chairmanship of the MD GOP. But unless she articulates a clear, forward-looking vision/goals for the position, I'm inclined to think her selection again falls into the emeritus category.

    A lot of people want the position. The right candidate is the one who wants to do something with it.

  5. Audrey--- over my dead body-- I mean that.

    Don't think Ellen or Nancy are interested. Nicolee would be a good choice.

  6. Audrey is working for Brinkley for Congress.

  7. Richard, I am sorry that I had not seen your response before seeing you. I didn't ignore this, I wasn't aware of it.

    I have no argument against any of your comments. In fact, I agree that some of the names I mentioned, outside of those without interest, would tie us to a past that continues to work against us as a party.

    I wasn't aware of Nicolee's interest. I first met her in 1998 and was impressed with her intellect, her skill sets and her ability to lead. Of all of the young women accomplishing work within and for the party, she is ready for prime time.

  8. Joyce's term does not end until after the RNC Convention in August. We elect a successor in April however she does not begin her term until the adjournment of the RNC Convention.

  9. @Diana, thanks for the clarification. I amended the entry accordingly. RC