Friday, February 10, 2012

Spotted in Columbia

Check out the picture I snapped in Columbia this afternoon.

The Exxon in question is located on Guilford Road down the street from Hammond High School.

And, if you can't make out the last digit on the "Supreme" sigh, it's a "9." But it's the first digit that got my attention.

"Supreme" gas clocks in at $4.09 here. And "Regular" is "only" $3.75.

That's right...$4 a gallon gasoline has come to Maryland, folks. When will there be similar signs in your neighborhood?

And, if the state's six percent sales tax currently applied to gas sales, as Governor O'Malley and the state's ruling Democratic establishment have proposed, that would add another $.24 to that "Supreme" total.

So, why is that a good idea, again?

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