Saturday, April 7, 2012

Audrey Scott the Fictional Fundraiser: Part One

One of Audrey Scott’s most often repeated selling points for her National Committeewoman candidacy is her alleged fundraising prowess.

For example, last Thursday, during a debate in Montgomery County with her opponent Nicolee Ambrose, Scott claimed that longtime party staffer Marcia Jicka, “had not been paid in three months” prior to Scott's becoming chairman, and that her ascension made it possible for Jicka to be paid once again. 

But according to reports filed with the FEC in December 2009 – after Scott became chairman – Jicka received at least two payments during the period of time in question. The records show that Jicka received $1683.04 on both October 8 and October 15, 2009, before Scott's chairmanship.

For the record, this information was provided to me via screenshot by one of the spectators at the Montgomery County debate. This witness to Scott’s remark commented: “So, either Audrey is a liar, or Audrey filed a false campaign finance report. Take your pick.”

During her National Committeewoman campaign, Scott has been perpetuating the image that a fundraising miracle occurred during her brief tenure as chair. I plan to look into Scott’s fundraising record as chairman in order to divorce myth from reality.

Of special interest to me is the money MD GOP received from the RNC to launch the so-called “Victory Centers” benefiting Bob Ehrlich and Andy Harris’ campaigns. Funding for these controversial Victory Centers was at the heart of the Rule 11 controversy.

In a recent email to activists, she pegged the amount at $1 million. But, shortly after the 2010 election, a member of the MD GOP staff told me that the RNC did not deliver the full amount originally promised, and that the amount actually received was closer to $250,000.

Anyway, I’m going to do some digging, and will hopefully pinpoint the actual number. Stay tuned. 


  1. The Victory Centers were a huge waste of money. Don't take my word for it, do the math based on Audrey's own claims. She says they were used to make one million voter contacts. Because the overwhelming majority of the contact were voice messages, the centers were a costly way to make robo calls. Twentyfive cents a "contact" is high. A dollar a robocall is obscene.

  2. This race has become ridiculous. It's like who has been scorned more and it's become a game of bomb-throwing. Invoking Marcia, especially given that particular time is just patently ridiculous. Reiterating the ridiculousness is even worse. Shame on all involved.

  3. This RNC race has really made me divorce myself from politics even more. I really do not have a favourite in this race. It doesn't really going to make a whole lot of difference who will win. To paraphrase Andrew Langer's comment on tonight's Red Maryland ustream podcast, "they are both have the same personality, one is younger and one is older."