Friday, May 4, 2012

Fallout, Ripped Signs and Life Lessons

My first political gig when I interned for then-Rep. Helen Delich Bentley during college. I must admit…working for a member of Congress at a young age felt like a heady experience at the time. Being immature, a bit arrogant, and – well – 19, my behavior probably felt short of my surroundings at times.

As I look back on the reckless things I did that crazy summer – carousing with my fellow interns and staffers, even feeding the office gossip mill by romancing the congresswoman’s comely blonde scheduler – sometimes I cringe a bit.

So, when I look at the recent questionable antics of one Dave Myers, I’m not unsympathetic.

Twentysomething Dave Myers is Vice Chairman of the Howard County GOP Central Committee, as well as Communications Director for the Senate Republican Caucus in Annapolis. Until recently, he was among the most sycophantic backers of defeated National Committeewoman candidate Audrey Scott.

Sources tell me he was the person responsible for maintaining Scott’s alleged endorsements list – the one which included the names of many people who ultimately voted or publicly declared their support for Scott’s opponent, Nicolee Ambrose. Also, Myers organized an email sent to central committee members in which he and other younger activists tried to position the 76-year-old Scott as the pro-youth candidate.

Of course, Myers was as free to advocate for his candidate as I was for mine. Nonetheless, some of his alleged behavior at the convention in Solomons last weekend apparently crossed the line.

When I arrived at the convention last Saturday, people were buzzing about an alleged incident in which Myers and two other younger activists tore down Ambrose’s campaign signs and pitched them into a stairwell. In a follow-up incident, Myers approached another young activist who happened to be backing Ambrose and tore the lapel sticker off his jacket.

These incidents have both already been reported by Joe Steffen and Maryland GOP Insider. Not yet reported, however, is the fact that Myers is now said to be in deep doo-doo because of them.

Apparently Myers’ bosses in Annapolis called him onto the carpet for his alleged misbehavior. And, I’m told that, like a frightened kid sitting in the mercy seat in the principal’s office, Myers has denied everything.

The only problem with Myers’ denial: He and his accomplices were seen by multiple witnesses.

With respect to the sign incident, I personally spoke with one of the witnesses, a vendor at the convention, who confirmed it occurred. Indeed, this individual even contemplated filing a police report but ultimately, graciously decided not to do so.

With respect to the lapel sticker incident, I spoke with the victim, who also verified it occurred.

For the record, I don’t know Myers other than through a stint as Facebook friends. I’ve only personally laid eyes on him once. He was in the parking lot of the convention venue last weekend, angrily pacing and gabbing on the cellphone immediately after his candidate was defeated.

Myers' zeal clearly eclipses his judgment, so his misdeeds can perhaps ultimately be written off as a function of immaturity.

Still, regardless of age, your actions always have consequences.

If Myers did vandalize Ambrose’s signs – and I believe the evidence is compelling – he should own up to it. He should also apologize to Ambrose, and to the individual whose lapel sticker he ripped off, personally.

Everybody screws up, but only people of character admit to their mistakes. How Myers handles this will determine what, if any, future he has in Maryland GOP politics.

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  1. Did Myers have Loretta Shields' blessing? Does the Howard County Central Committee approve of his actions?