Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gambling: A Meeting of the Mikes

So I just heard from a well-placed source in Annapolis that the Mikes – that would be Senate President Miller and House Speaker Busch – are going all in, so to speak.

They're planning to meet Thursday to take a stab at resolving their differences on expanded gambling in order to pave the way for a special session of the legislature.

If the special session is going to happen, it has to occur no later than the first week in August according to my tipster, who also gives it a 35 percent probability of actually happening.

Not being a gambler myself, I tend to regard the issue of expanded gambling in Maryland with personal indifference. It does not directly affect me, although in the end I support it because of its revenue possibilities. I also think that, if Maryland is going to have gambling, it should be in a position to compete with other states with more mature programs by offering table games as well as slots.

So, in the end I’d like to see the special session happen, though I’m far from convinced it’s going to. But with so many other major issues awaiting the voters on the November ballot, there is no reason why they shouldn’t have a chance to weigh in on expanded gambling, too. 

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  1. There was a time when one government found a new revenue source and exploited it for all it was worth. Neighboring states began suffering at the hands of their neighbors, so they instituted the same revenue scheme. The next neighbor did the same and the market was insatiable. Until one group of buyers decided that participation just wasn't right.

    Long story short - like slavery, not every revenue producing scheme is a good idea.