Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fiastro Follow-Up

Last night I had a good conversation with new Baltimore County GOP Chairman John Fiastro, who engaged me over my recent blog posting about his proposed resolution seeking a vote of no confidence in RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

My conversation with Fiastro – which, admittedly, probably should have occurred prior to my original posting, but didn’t when a game of “Telephone” broke out between me and several other activists immediately before Thanksgiving – confirmed what I have always known about him: He is a decent, smart guy trying to build the party in very unfavorable circumstances. 

He laid out a solid case against Priebus’s reelection: Romney defeated, seats in both houses of Congress lost, monies successfully raised yet questionably spent, Maryland neglected by the RNC yet again.

I got the sense that Fiastro fully understands the reality of the situation in that Priebus – who claims to have the support of 130 of 168 RNC members and has no declared opposition – is likely to be reelected regardless of what happens at the MDGOP convention this weekend. But, it is clear that Fiastro feels strongly that taking a stand – and, by doing so, perhaps serving as the pebble in the water which eventually grows into a wave of change – is still the right thing to do.

To this I say…fair enough.

I’m not averse to the state central committee passing a resolution expressing dissatisfaction with Priebus’s leadership, provided that it reflects the reality that the state party and its RNC representatives likely will still have to work with him during the next two years.  Apparently there may be another resolution in the works which would focus more on the record and reforms rather than on Priebus personally.

Fiastro is a reasonable guy trying to do the right thing, so I’m hopeful that he and some of the other central committee members and activists who are understandably unhappy with Priebus’s record and concerned over the party's future will come together and pass something everyone can live with in the end.

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