Monday, November 5, 2012

GOP State Delegate Gail Bates: "Once lost, Audrey, (respect) is hard to regain."

Yesterday I blogged about the "Republican Voter Guide" which former MDGOP Chairmen Audrey Scott and Michael Steele sent to partisans across the state.

Here is what GOP Delegate Gail Bates (R-Howard County, District 9A) had to say about it in an open letter to Mrs. Scott on her own Facebook page. No editorial commentary or added snark on my part is necessary. The delegate expresses herself just fine.

To Audrey Scott:

The "Republican Voter Guide" is grossly misleading. 37 Republicans in the House voted against the bill. My constituents are shocked and disappointed to be told Republicans support gaming as if it was an official position. You have dishonored those of us who opposed this farce when we went on the record and voted against the bill. There are so many reasons to oppose both the bill & the process, only to be thrown under the bus by people I previously respected. Once lost, Audrey, it is hard to regain.


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  1. And to think she was so close to being able to send this out as National Committeewoman Scott.