Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Guide: Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Something called the “Republican Voter Guide” has been turning up in the mailboxes of voters across the state of Maryland. The mailer, which features smiling images of two high profile PG County political alums and former MD GOP Chairmen – Michael Steele and Audrey Scott – offers a series of “recommendations” on how people should vote on the seven ballot initiatives voters will decide on come Tuesday.

The piece talks about seven initiatives, but it’s really all about one: Question 7, the measure to permit a new casino to be built in Prince George’s County while allowing table games at the existing gambling centers. Steele and Scott sent a letter to state Republicans outlining their support for the measure – putting them at odds with the majority of their fellow Republicans.

In her recent Baltimore Sun piece, Marta Mossburg accuses Steele and Scott of, “repeat(ing) the Democratic Party lie that a new casino at National Harbor in Prince George's County will ‘provide hundreds of millions in new revenue for education each year, without raising taxes.’"

Mossburg also had the same basic question as I did upon learning of Steele and Scott’s advocacy – namely, why they are doing it? She reports that she approached each of them to see if they were being paid by MGM, Question 7’s principal advocate, but they did not respond to her inquiries.

Still sources tell me political consultant Lawrence Scott is working the pro-Question 7 side of the issues, and is trying to line up support for the measure. That explains Audrey’s involvement. Also, the authority line on the Guide reads “Republican Leaders Referendum Guide,Michelle Corkadel, Treasurer.” Corkadel is an activist and longtime political associate of the Scotts.

Further, I should add that sources in DC told me that former Governor Bob Ehrlich was also approached by MGM to play a pro-Question Seven advocacy role, and declined. His stated reason: He did not want to do anything which could result in political benefit to Governor Martin O’Malley.

Anyway, we’re well into the silly season as far as politics is concerned, so the Guide should be taken in that context. Just keep in mind that, regardless of their past roles in the MDGOP, neither Steele nor Scott are speaking in an official capacity for the party.

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  1. I received the mailing in question as well as another one from the former Lt. Governor specifically advocating for Question 7. I'm not exactly inclined to follow his lead on anything...