Monday, February 10, 2014

John Lofton vs. Larry Hogan: Who's Bad?!?!

So, when I got home from the office, my Facebook feed was a-buzzin’ over an interview GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan did with a guy named John Lofton.

Well, I’m not sure you can even call it an “interview,” as it consisted of one vaguely out-there question: “What do you think is the purpose of government?"

To me it sounds like a perfect essay question for a Political Science 101 final. Anyway, it seems that Hogan disagreed with its validity - and probably Lofton's as well. He called it “the craziest question I’ve ever heard” and cut the interview short.

So who is this John Lofton guy?

According to his Wikipedia page, he is a longtime conservative activist who worked at the RNC more than 40 years ago. He then served as a columnist for United Features Syndicate in the 1970s, then as a columnist for the Washington Times for seven years in the 1980s. Later he was an adviser to two presidential candidates: Pat Buchanan and some guy named Michael Petrouka.

I had heard of Lofton prior to this dustup with Hogan, but my knowledge of him was confined solely to an appearance he made on the now-infamous Morton Downey Jr. Show in the late 1980s.

In the episode, Downey hosted panelists with deeply held crackpot opinions. For example, one of Lofton’s fellow panelists patiently asserts why Ronald Reagan was definitely the anti-Christ.

Anyway, I guess the YouTube gods were with me tonight, as I found the actual episode. Lofton’s segment comprises approximately the first 12 minutes of this clip.

Lofton came armed with a folder full of research which he claimed demonstrates that Michael Jackson’s signature crotch-grabbing dance moves were a byproduct of a disease resulting from a tarantula bite.

One wonders why Lofton and his armload of research didn’t resurface at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of unintentionally killing Jackson by administering to him a lethal dose of Propofol, a powerful anesthetic rarely used outside of an operating room setting.

Perhaps Jackson’s alleged earlier affliction – known as “tarantism”– played some as-yet undiscovered role in the singer’s death. 

Anyway, it seems that Lofton went through a phase in which he liked attacking pop icons. Here is a now famous encounter he had with musician and native Baltimorean Frank Zappa regarding the musical labeling controversy of the 1980s.

As for his encounter with Hogan, Lofton calls it “the shortest interview of my career.”

I’m not sure you can really even call it a “career”…but I digress.

Anyway, I’m not sure why Lofton is now interjecting himself in MDGOP politics, but I think we already have enough crackpots in Maryland political circles to go around.

But, if he wants to go back to his pop culture bashing roots and hate on Justin Bieber, I'm all for it.  


  1. When a candidate tells you what he thinks is the purpose of government he tells you all you need to know as to what he will or will not vote for, whether he believes in Godly or Constitutional government or not.

    John Lofton, Director
    The God and Government Project

    Here's more details about me. The Downey shows were gags; my Wikipedia entry was written by enemies of mine.


    For more than 40 years John Lofton has covered national politics and cultural/religious issues as a journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist, TV-radio commentator/analyst and political advisor.

    ----Editor, "Monday," the weekly, national publication of the Republican National Committee, 1970-73
    .--- Nationally-syndicated columnist for "United Features" Syndicate in more than 100 papers nationwide, 1973-80.
    --- Editor, "Battleline," monthly newsletter of The American Conservative Union, 1977-80.
    --- Editor, "Conservative Digest" magazine, 1980-82.
    --- Columnist, "The Washington Times" newspaper, 1982-89.
    --- Program-host/commentator, "America's Voice," a national cable TV network in all 50 states, 1998-99.
    --- A commentator on the "Mutual Radio Network;"
    --- An advisor to the Presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan;
    --- Author of a monthly column on the Federal bureaucracy for Howard Phillips' "Conservative Caucus."
    --- Editor,
    --- Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution.
    --- Wrote column 11 years, for theological mentor, Dr. RJ Rushdoony.
    --- Has written articles for the NRA magazine “America’s First Freedom”; Gun Owners Of America, Human Events, World Net Daily, National Review. --- Blogger, “Christian Post” website.

    John Lofton has given numerous speeches before various groups, Liberal and Conservative, including Liberty University/Bob Jones University. He has appeared on every major TV/radio talk show (including the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show”/“Politically Incorrect”) to debate every imaginable kind of anti-Christian goofball --- and some who are unimaginable but who do, alas, exist. And he never went to college which is why he is so smart. He can be reached at: Email:

    *Note, lest I be misunderstood: Being a Republican is not a disease; it is a choice – a very bad choice, but a choice nonetheless.

  2. Richard, I think you missed it on this one. Many of the problems in Washington and Annapolis are because too many of our elected officials have NOT been asked this question. This question goes to the heart of where our state and country are headed. Most of us already know how our elected officials would answer this question. We know this from their actions and votes in their respective office, however, making them articulate their position would be eye-opening for a lot of people.

    1. Dr. Pelura:

      We both know that you can't divorce a question from the credibility of the person asking it.

      I've been around MDGOP politics for a long time, as have you, and I don't remember this crackpot Lofton even weighing in on any issue involving MDGOP politics before. Do we need someone like this to drive our debate?

      Was the question valid? Yes, but the questioner has no credibility, for reasons I amply demonstrated in my blog. The firestorm this seems to have caused, at least among certain equally irrelevant cranks, is exactly what the Dems want to see.

      Should Hogan have given Lofton interview time? No. It was bad staff work.

      The important thing here is, Hogan and all other candidates for governor will have time to answer this question - probably more than once - moving forward. And when the new question comes, it will come from someone vested in Maryland politics.