Friday, February 28, 2014

The Kach Kampaign Goes Negative

Funny the things you stumble across on social media channels.

Last night, as I was futzing around on Facebook, I noticed the Todd Huff campaign in Baltimore County was promoting an upcoming fundraising event. I also noticed that Evelyn Kach, the wife of Huff's primary challenger, was quick to leave a comment.

Five minutes after it had been posted, the comment was gone. I guess it did not occur to Mrs. Kach that some troublemaking blogger might get a screenshot of it.


Anyway, here is a bigger version of her Facebook profile picture.

Someone should tell Mrs. Kach that her husband is running for county council, not delegate, and that perhaps a new picture is in order. Still, as is evident by the hubris that Team Kach has shown in co-mingling state and campaign resources, clearly they don't waste a lot of time sweating the details.

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