Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Re-Schurick-tion, Part II

So, my most recent Paul Schurick blog drew the attention of a reader who alerted me to something very interesting.

If you go onto the Maryland Judiciary Case Search site (you can plug in Schurick’s name for yourself if you want to verify what I mention here) and click on the file stemming from the robocall-related charges, you’ll see this:

In other words, it looks like the robocall-related convictions were stricken from Schurick’s record last April. Next to the notation in the file is “PBJ,” which I take to mean “probation before judgment.”

I’ve not seen this reported anywhere, so I figured it deserved a mention here.

So it looks like Schurick is free to assume his new career as the mollusk whisperer unencumbered by his past transgressions.

There’s something very Cameron Poe-like to the ending of this story (that's a Con Air reference, folks).

Of course, when a conviction is stricken from the court record, that doesn’t expunge it from the public record. Google “Paul Schurick” and the first items to pop up are some of the many news articles about his conviction and sentencing.

Unfortunately, a verdict rendered by the court of public opinion is more exacting, damaging, and enduring than one rendered by the courts.

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