Friday, March 7, 2014

Another Kach Kampaign Kaper

Looks like Wade Kach and his campaign team are up to their old tricks.

A few days ago, Kach sent out an email message promoting an upcoming campaign event using the same template he uses for his official communications as a state legislator. The dynamic part of the email includes a campaign email address. Ethically speaking, this would appear to be a step in the right direction, as previous communications had openly encouraged voters to contact him at his state delegate email account. Still, at the bottom of the template, there was a link to Kach’s state email address.

By the way, sources tell me only 12 people showed up to the event advertised, and that Kach spent most of the time accusing County Executive Kevin Kamenetz of corruption without offering any specifics or evidence.  

Just today, Kach sent out an email pertaining to legislative business using the very same template. In this version, the aforementioned state email link is no longer present.

In politics, perception is more important than reality. And, the perception that Kach and his aides are projecting is that they either don’t understand or have simply chosen to disregard ethical requirements which all candidates for office should follow.

There should always be a firewall between campaign and official activities. Using an email template created specifically as a vehicle for official communications to promote campaign events or messages is inappropriate.

So, Delegate Kach, who designed that template for you? And, more to the point, did you pay them with campaign or official funds?